MD Financing Your Education

The admissions process at TUSM is need-blind, meaning an applicant’s financial circumstances are not considered in the selection process.

Financial Aid forms become available in January of each year. If you have interviewed with us prior to January, we will mail you a financial aid packet. After January, we distribute packets at interview sessions for the remainder of the interview season.

Interviewed applicants do not need to be admitted to TUSM in order to submit financial aid applications. The Financial Aid Office strongly encourages all interviewed applicants to submit complete financial aid applications as soon as possible. This is particularly true for applicants who have interviewed with us and remain in Active Wait List status. Students in this group may be admitted at any time and required to respond quickly. If your complete financial aid application is already on file in the Financial Aid Office, the staff is able to generate an award in a timely manner so you can make your decision.

Financial Aid Awards for Accepted Applicants

The Admissions Office notifies the Financial Aid Office when an applicant has been admitted to TUSM. If the applicant has submitted a complete financial aid application, the Financial Aid Office staff generates a financial aid award letter.

All applicants admitted prior to April who have submitted complete financial aid applications should expect to receive an award letter in May.

Applicants admitted during and after the month of April will be packaged as soon as possible after their admission. The Financial Aid Office staff will award a newly admitted applicant quickly, but they must have the applicant’s complete financial aid application on file to do so.

For more financial aid information, please visit the Financial Aid Office Homepage.

FAFSA School Code: E00520

MD Indebtedness

2013 average medical school indebtedness $191,207