MD/MBA Four Year Program


Have you ever thought of yourself as someone who wants to be a new breed of MD?

Do you think that medicine has been on the sidelines of technology, entrepreneurship and solid management skills for too long?

Do you think you can change this process and put medicine where it belongs, in the 21st century?

Then we want to talk to you at the Tufts/Brandeis MD/MBA program.

Why? Because we can give you a solid medical education at a premier medical school in Boston and prepare you to be a first rate clinician with exceptional skills in management, organization and a keen eye for potential entrepreneurial opportunities that may come your way.

How can we do that? The answer is simple; we are one of the oldest and most established MD/MBA programs in the nation, not just in Boston.

In fact when we started our MD/MBA program here at Tufts in 1994, there were only eight such programs in the country and none in Boston. Now there are over sixty programs nationwide, and counting.

And that’s not all. We do all this in four years, yes, just four years, not five or six like most other programs.

That means when you are done, you are really done!

About the MD/MBA Program

Program Director Joe Jabre, MD, describes the benefits of completing this combined degree at Tufts Medical School and the logistics behind completing the program.

Tufts MedStart Hosts Healthcare Innovation Challenge

The 2nd annual MedStart was hosted by Tufts Medical School on January 17-19. MedStart is a Tufts MD/MBA student-run organization dedicated to the cultivation and advancement of global entrepreneurship in healthcare. This year, The Blue Button Boston Innovation Challenge brought together diverse minds from relevant fields of study to collaborate over a weekend to create a startup company.